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50,000 til Infinity is an initiative founded by the heads of FH Jerk, Whit DuBois, and Jared “Feast” Bobo, to create, nurture and produce within disenfranchised communities through the education of entrepreneurship and networking. Each donation made will bring us a step closer to achieving one of our four phases until completed.

Phase One: Foundation

FH Jerk will establish a standalone restaurant/event space in Chicago offering our unique take on authentic Caribbean cuisine. Our goal is to provide a space where the community can not only just dine with us, but gather together to network and share ideas.

Phase Two: Educational Training

Upon completion of Phase One, we will actively recruit passionate trainees who would like to learn the ins and outs of a restaurant business. Our training regimen will be multifaceted, offering programs centering around concept development, budgeting, branding, and marketing. At the completion of our interactive training program, trainees will be equipped to open and operate their own restaurant/business or continue to grow with FH Jerk as a franchisee. Our hope is that our trainees will also share in FH Jerk’s dedication to reinvesting in disenfranchised communities.

Phase Three: Production

Another major hurdle facing entrepreneurs include access to quality resources, mentorship, and the acquisition of initial capital for those looking to get into the manufacturing of consumer good products. FH Jerk looks to provide commercial space for trainees to produce their products for retail providing our knowledge, resources, and mentorship.

Phase Four: Community

FH Jerk prides itself on building community and bringing our neighbors together. In phase 4, we will focus on building out a food hall that would support our trainees and provide a venue that will allow them to present and prove their restaurant concept with access to a shared kitchen and booth to showcase their products to the community.


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